Abstract preparation

Extended deadline for abstract submission: May 15th, 2018.

Abstracts on all aspects of oxygen transport to tissue are welcome. Major topics will be:

  • Microcirculation and vascular medicine
  • O2 deficiency and its impact on molecular processes in cells and tissues
  • Cellular metabolism and mitochondrial function
  • Multimodal functional imaging
  • Role of O2 in cancer biology
  • Brain oxygenation and function
  • Oxygen in kidney function
  • Muscle oxygenation and sport medicine
  • Clinical aspects of oxygen supply
  • Therapeutic role of oxygen (e.g. in oncology or critical care medicine)
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Dynamics of oxygen transport

Please use the Microsoft Word template with the specified formatting for your abstract. Please indicate at the end of the abstract (radio buttons) if you wish to be considered for an oral or poster presentation.


Please upload your abstract word file to abstract form below.